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Since 2015, Passing Through Theatre has created and produced seven original works, in five cities across Canada. Our projects share an experimental, multidisciplinary approach that blend the boundaries between storytelling, puppetry, physical theatre, digital arts and music.



Created and Performed by
Shanice Bowrin

Rebekka Gondosch and

Lily Sutherland

Music Composition and Direction by

Chris Thornborrow


Manisha Maharajh

Monique May Dion

Collette Radeau

Helen Peever

Kelsey Dann

Indigenous Consultant: Rose Stella

Accessibility Consultant: Sage Lovell

Through storytelling, puppetry, and choral music, audiences are invited into an immersive theatrical experience inspired and informed by the history of Toronto’s famous lost river, Garrison Creek.

Originally commissioned and presented by Theatre Direct, as part of Forward March Festival (Toronto, April 2022)

Photo by Sam Polzin Photography



Created and Performed by
Shanice Bowrin

Rebekka Gondosch and

Lily Sutherland

A series of stories from somewhere in-between shares playful and heartfelt stories, both real and imagined, inspired by books, bookshops, and those who encounter them. Through storytelling, shadow puppetry, and music, Passing Through Theatre brings everyday stories to life in your local bookshop. 

Audiences are invited to join us outside the bookshop for an intimate sidewalk viewing experience. By peeking through the display window (from the outside-looking-in), performers behind glass will share tales of things lost, found, and the moments in-between. 

Originally commissioned and presented by Suitcase in Point Theatre, as part of In The Soil Arts Festival (St. Catherines, August 2021)



Created and Performed by
Shanice Bowrin

Rebekka Gondosch and

Lily Sutherland

Sound Design by
Jesse Horvath

Through the Pages is an auditory and visual journey into the history of Hamilton's library. Audiences are guided through time and into a world of imagination, without leaving home! It's time to turn the page…

Originally commissioned and presented as part of Frost Bites Festival (Hamilton, February 2021).

Photo by Niv Shimshon Photography

Screenshot 2018-07-21 11.01.31.png


Written by 
Lily Sutherland

Directed by 
Kelsey Dann

Performed by
Lily Sutherland and

Rebekka Gondosch

Ephemeral Home will take you on an adventure, without leaving the living room. Come and explore what 'home' means to us as human beings, and members of society. How are we affected by the homes we were born into, the homes we create for ourselves, and homes we never expected to discover? Using handheld lights, multiple voice recordings, projections and live music, the performers bring the audience together on a multi-sensory creative journey within the space of a Hamilton home.

Originally performed at Hamilton Fringe Festival (Hamilton, 2018).

Photo by Steve Bowa



Created and Performed by
Lily Sutherland and
Erin Morgan

Your name is being called! Come find your place in the magical realm for the celebration at dusk. The elements and oh, so much more, await you. An outdoor theatre experience for audiences seeking a unique evening.

Originally performed in site-specific locations: Riverdale Park (Toronto), Stephen Juba Park (Winnipeg), Lantern Park (Calgary), Christ Church Cathedral (Victoria), (2016).

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